“Shakira’s Heartbreak: Ex-Partner Gerard Piqué’s New Romance Leaves Her Feeling Hurt”

According to a recent report, Colombian singer Shakira is feeling hurt by her ex-partner Gerard Piqué’s new romance with a younger woman. Shakira and Piqué were together for more than a decade and have two children together. However, they reportedly split in August 2021 after a period of strain on their relationship.

Piqué, who is a professional footballer for Barcelona FC, has been linked to a 18-year-old model named Luana Belén Sánchez. While neither Piqué nor Sánchez have confirmed the relationship, several media outlets have reported on their alleged romance.

The report suggests that Shakira is “very hurt” by the news of Piqué’s new relationship, as it has come so soon after their breakup. However, the report also notes that Shakira is focused on her music career and her children, and is not actively seeking a new relationship at this time.

Overall, the report highlights the personal struggles and emotions that can arise following the end of a long-term relationship, especially when one partner moves on quickly. It also showcases the intense media scrutiny that public figures like Shakira and Piqué often face in their personal lives.

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