One Piece Chapter 1073: Finally the name of Gorosei’s revealed


On January 24, 2023, One Piece Chapter 1073 complete summary spoilers were made available, bringing with them a highly thrilling issue. Although only 15 pages long, the chapter is incredibly lengthy and comprehensive. Additionally, it provides fans with unexpected facts.

The series will regretfully be taking a pause starting next week, according to One Piece Chapter 1073. Author and illustrator Eiichiro Oda is giving fans a lot to think about during the series’ off week, despite the fact that it is undoubtedly disappointing to hear.

Miss Buckingham Stussy, the official title of One Piece Chapter 1073, opens with another, another cover story for the MADS outlaw science group. Caesar Clown, Vinsmoke Judge, and Queen can be seen scowling at Dr. Vegapunk while he creates peaceful innovations (making a tank that shoots flowers).

The following issue depicts Lucci assaulting Stussy. He misses though because Stussy is using a “Remaining Body” “Kami-e” (Paper Art) technique, which is an illusion. Stussy uses a lipstick container that contains Sea Prism Stone to weaken Lucci by rubbing it against his body while he is preoccupied with the illusion.

Lucci is then bit by Stussy, which makes him fall off like Kaku did. Finally, One Piece Chapter 1073 full summary spoilers establish that Stussy is the person who Dr. Vegapunk communicated with and that it was not his desire for her to join CP0. Additionally, it is stated that Stussy, while being an ally, cannot thwart the Seraphim because she is on the same hierarchy-level as Lucci.

As a result, Vegapunks Lilith and Edison leave the Lab Stratum building. Before Lilith issues the command to stop, S-Hawk tries to attack her, but Zoro blocks the Seraphim and engages in combat with it. Regarding Zoro’s strength, S-Hawk appears to be in disbelief. Then S-Shark attacks Edison, but Sanji saves him, allowing Edison to issue the command that compels all Seraphim to cease their work.

The next scene in One Piece Chapter 1073 shows Luffy and Chopper frantically searching the Lab Stratum for the actual Dr. Vegapunk after he and Bonney vanished. The scene was changed to Sphinx Island because, according to the complete synopsis spoilers, neither they nor the fans can find any sign of the couple in the book.

Marco was assisting at Wano when it was discovered that Marines had arrived on Sphinx Island. However, Miss Bakkin and Edward Weevil made there in time to save the village. Unfortunately, this came at the expense of Ryokugyu capturing Weevil. Miss Bakkin is currently with Marco, who is pleading with him to return her son and give her Whitebeard’s fortune.

He thanks her for saving the community in One Piece Chapter 1073 before starting to speak (perhaps to explain why he is unable to deliver her Whitebeard’s riches). Bakkin interrupts him, telling him to ask Dr. Vegapunk if he has any questions about her son’s ancestry. This almost certainly proves that Bakkin is the original Miss Buckingham Stussy and raises the possibility that Weevil is a Whitebeard clone.

The scene then shifts to Kizaru’s ship, which is ostensibly still travelling toward Egghead Island. Some enlisted soldiers test the snacks and drinks that the Admiral himself is seen giving to an elderly man on board the ship to see if they were poisoned. Kizaru converses with the man after bringing him his food and drink.

In One Piece Chapter 1073, Kizaru asks the elderly guy if he has ever encountered Dr. Vegapunk. The man replies that he has, but just once. The elderly man is then thrillingly revealed to be a Gorosei member, notably the person with the grey dreadlocks and the scar on the left side of his face. The matter is resolved with Saturn expressing sorry that it has come to this and revealing that his name is Saint Jegarcia Saturn.

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