How New Blue Beetle Movie Might Change DCU?

Blue Beetle is gonna game changer for DCU, Fans are enjoyed after watching Blue Beetle Trailer which indicating green sign for movie as well as DCU after facing terrible loss from Movie Shazam: Gods of Fury.

Blue Beetle Movie
DCU: Blue Beetle Movie

The Trailer of Blue Beetle movie has dropped some big bang action fights that showed the superhero movies are not over for DCU but it’s a start where we fans can expect more from it. Fans are overjoyed with first off ‘hero’ transformation scene into the suit which was amazing and you can’t deny it definitely gives goosebumps and it feels like watching Venom and Max Steel together.

This shows that DC has so many cool characters besides Justice Leagues that they can show us. Fans are glad that they are doing this which gives noticeable references to all the short characters from the comics. The trailer looks ways too good than what fans are expected which might make this movie as an anticipated movie of DCU.

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