Date A Live Season 4

Date A Live Season 4: Release Date And Everything We Know So Far !!!

Enthusiasts are looking forward to the new season of “Date A Live”. We hope that the anime series will return this year as series 4 is produced according to the source. In the march, fans can expect an official date for Date Alive. The expected release date is 2021, but confirmation is pending.

Date A Live Season 4 Release Date:

It is a series of simple Japanese novels. Written by Koshi Tachinaba. Kadokawa Shoten and Fujimi Shobo released the second edition of Dragon Age every month and Shonen Ace every month.
The series was animated by AIC Plus +, which ran from April to June 2013. Then in 2014, the series underwent changes in the production company, which was transferred from AIC Plus + to the IMS production studio. After that IMS produced a second season and a live film Date, released in 2015. When the IMS applied for extinction, the series was J.C Staff Hanover.
The third season is produced by J. C Staff. After the screening of the series, all previous members of the project returned including Kutaro Motonagam, director of the series, Chiaki Kurakane, who is the producer. And the character designer Koji Watanabe and author Hideki shine through. Season 4 is looking for new members of the cast
• Artemisia Bell Ashcroft
• Nia Honju
• Makuro Hoshimiya

Main Members:

Third season actors include Nobunaga Shimazaki as Shido Itsuka, the main character.
• Maaya Uchida as Kaguya Yamai,
• Marina Inoue as Tohka Yotogami,
• Ayana Taketatsu as Kotori Ituka,
• Misuza Togashi as Origami Tobiichi,
• Iori Nomizu as Yoshino,
• Asami Sanada as Kurumi Tokisaki
• Sarah Emi Bridcutt as Yuzuru Yamai

Official Declaration:

On an official Twitter account, series developer Josh Tachinaba confirmed the fourth season of Date A Live said, “A new live day project is underway.” And the fourth season of Date A Live and the 2nd anime project Date A Live. The costume worn by the hero Kuromi should also be produced.

Where to watch ???

At Crunchyroll this series is available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese subtitles. The series will also be shown in Funimation with English subtitles. The official release date for Season 4 Date A Live has not been confirmed, but sources say Season 4 will be released in 2021.

About Season 4:

Season 4 will feature a ninth ghost named Niya with the ability to detect human intentions and thoughts. He then abandoned the faith of mankind and fell in love with 2D animation and video games. Shido had to go with him.