Astro’s Rocky Leaves shocks fans with sudden departure from boy group!

Regrettably, fans of the boy group Astro will receive somber news as Rocky, a member of the group, has parted ways. Today, Fantagio Entertainment, Astro’s management company, released an official statement regarding this matter.

As per the statement, there were detailed discussions held between Rocky and the company about his contract, but he ultimately chose not to renew it. Meanwhile, four out of the remaining five members – Jinjin, Eunwoo, Moonbin, and Sanha – have all renewed their contracts with Fantagio.

MJ, the oldest member, has been serving in the military since May 2022 and is expected to return in November. He has decided not to engage in any contract discussions with the label until his return. We remain optimistic that he will continue as a member of Astro.

Astro recently launched their studio album “Drive to the Starry Road” featuring all six members on May 16, marking Rocky’s final appearance with the group. With 15 albums and numerous singles since their debut in 2016, adjusting to the new lineup will undoubtedly be challenging, but we extend our best wishes to both Astro and Rocky for their future endeavors. Rocky’s departure also signifies the disbandment of Astro’s subunit “JinJin & Rocky.”

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On January 17, 2022, the “JinJin and Rocky” subunit unveiled their debut and final album “Restore,” featuring the title track “Just Breath.” Astro has two subunits, the first being “JinJin and Rocky,” and the other, “Moonbin & Sanha,” which was established in 2020 and recently dropped their third mini-album titled “Incense.”

Astro's Rocky shocks fans with sudden departure from boy group!
Astro’s Rocky Leaves shocks fans with sudden departure from boy group!

“Thank you to the fans who have supported and watched over Rocky. Please continue to show your continued interest and support for Rocky, who is embarking on a fresh start.

In the future, ASTRO will continue as a five member group and the members will focus on solo and unit activities. We will support them so that they can be active in various fields of the industry.

Please continue to show your interest and support for the ASTRO members.” – Fantagio Entertainment”

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